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Online Auction Software

Introducing mediagenie™ - quick and easy to deploy, online auction software for all size of organisation. Empowering the buyers and sellers market!

Key features of MediaGenie

What is it for?
mediagenie™ opens doors for businesses that may have been closed in the past due to technicality issues, budgetry restraints or just simple fear of taking a leap of faith. With mediagenie™, practically any business can start an online auction with little or no technical know-how - it's the ideal solution for any sized company, from the bedroom business to the multi-national organisation.

Our online auction system will have your doors open for business in a matter of weeks, not months, using a fully proven and technically sound auction engine. Creating an online traders community couldn't be simpler with this cost effective solution.

What can it do?

  • fully portable - host it on your webspace and take full control
  • no monthly fees - once you're online, it's yours to keep!
  • fully scaleable category management system
  • browser based management system - manage your auction site from anywhere
  • WYSIWYG content editor
  • PayPal, Google Checkout and merchant banking integration
  • customer friendly membership area
  • fast keyword search system
  • member-to-member feedback rating system
  • member-to-admin dispute management system

Should my business use it?
It's common knowledge today that buiding communities online is big business. If your organisation isn't already a part of this growing market sector, maybe it's time to consider a leap of faith.

Just look at the clients below who currently use mediagenie™:

How much does it cost?
In most cases, each installation of our auction system requires a small amount of customisation to suit your company branding, not to mention set up the payment gateway and test driving the application

Typically, you should expect to invest upwards of £6000.00 + VAT for an online auction system such as ours.

How do I get it?
If you would like to see mediagenie™ in action, then simply get in touch with us and let us know about your interest in our powerful online auction software and we'll be happy to give you a no-obligation demonstration.

MediaGenie - fully scaleable auction management system
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