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Sullivan Design

Client Name: Sullivan Design
Industry Sector:
Design, Marketing & PR
Website URL:
Key Features:
  • Flash Animation Based Interface
  • Database driven CMS System
  • Fully scalabe portfolio area


Sullivan Design required a simplistic yet stylish website to be created and insisted on Flash. However they also wanted to be able to update the site content whilst keeping to a typical Flash stylised look and feel.

By using a combination of an ASP.NET driven content management system and dynamic Flash, we answered the task and enabled the client as requested, to be able to update the portfolio on-the-fly using browser based controls.

To look at the site, it would not appear to have any form of dynamic areas and that's the beauty of it. We've managed to keep the integrity of the typified "Flash style" but add to that a scalable system that allows for expansion to ensure the site doesn't become obsolete.

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