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Bracknell Forest Council

Client Name: Bracknell Forest Council
Industry Sector:
Government & Public Sector
Website URL:
Key Features:
  • Flash Design & Animation
  • Graphics & Illustration
  • XHTML Compliant Code


Our friends over at Tribal were stuck in a tight corner, needing a recruitment advertising website designed and created at breakneck speed... 48 hours to be precise!

Undeterred, we agreed to get our heads down and create a fully illustrated and animated Flash intro movie, combined with the main construction of the micro-site which had to be standards compliant, whilst maintaining a fun and "sunny" appeal. We set about the task and created a site, aimed at the education and teaching market within the appropriate age group and developed a site bang on time and bang on brief.

Okay, so it was a tad stressful knowing that the clock was constantly ticking but hey... we did it! The last thing we want to do down at mediagarden HQ is not to stick to our word, and we delivered. The site has been well received and is now in constant use, with regular jobs and updates being posted each month. Good job lads!

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