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Accessibility Statement

mediagarden™ are committed to making this website accessible to all and strive to deliver outstanding sites that everyone can enjoy.

To make this website accessible to all, we have included the following functionality:

Adjustable Text Size
The size of body text on our site can be determined by the user. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using Internet Explorer
    Select the View menu, then Text Size, then a setting from the list of five sizes.
  • Using FireFox
    Select the View menu, then Text Size, then either Increase or Decrease from the menu list.
  • Using Safari
    Select the View menu, then either Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller.
  • Using all browsers
    Holding down the CTRL button and scrolling the mouse-wheel up and down will adjust text size accordingly.

Where necessary, every image throughout the site has been tagged with an ALT attribute. ALT allows alternative description to be given for each image. This allows both screen readers and browsers which don't display images to represent a substitute description.